Enhance your WooCommerce checkout experience with the Checkout Manager Pro Nulled for WooCommerce plugin. This powerful tool empowers you to optimize your conversion rates and boost sales by customizing your checkout page according to your specific needs.

Here's what the Checkout Manager for WooCommerce offers:

  1. Add New Fields to Checkout: Easily incorporate custom fields into the checkout process, including billing, shipping, and additional fields.

  2. Customize Billing Fields: Tailor the billing field section by adding or removing fields to streamline the checkout process.

  3. Customize Shipping Fields: Personalize the shipping field section by including or excluding fields based on your requirements.

  4. Additional Fields Section: Integrate an extra fields section into the checkout form to gather additional information from customers.

  5. Add New Fees to Checkout: Enhance the checkout experience by adding fees to each custom or core field, providing transparency and flexibility.

  6. Apply Percentage or Fixed Fees: Choose between fixed or percentage-based fees for custom or core fields, aligning with your pricing strategy.

  7. Apply Fees to Single Options Fields: Implement fixed or percentage fees to individual options within select and radio fields for tailored pricing options.

  8. Apply Fees to Multiple Options Fields: Apply fixed or percentage fees to each option within multiselect and multicheckbox fields, giving customers flexibility while maintaining transparency.

With the Checkout Manager PRO for WooCommerce Plugin Nulled, you can optimize your checkout process, personalize the experience for your customers, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and sales.