Smart Manager PRO Nulled Bulk Edit Plugin

Sheet Editor / Table Editor

The Smart Manager plugin operates akin to an Excel spreadsheet, enabling fast and simple changes and navigation. Users can select a dashboard and promptly initiate modifications.

Quick Inline Edit

Effortlessly create, remove, or update multiple items directly from the grid. Edit multiple column values simultaneously using auto-fill, or utilize copy-paste functionality to streamline the process. For comprehensive editing control, switch to the native editing screen.

Bulk Stock Management

Efficiently update stock quantities, set or modify sale prices and regular prices, manage backorders, delete products, and apply bulk edits to stock for numerous WooCommerce products and variations simultaneously. Simplify inventory management with this intuitive feature.

WordPress Bulk Edit with Smart Manager Pro Nulled

Streamline post and page management by making bulk changes to status, title, content, categories, tags, SEO status, and keywords. Additionally, users can create multiple posts/pages at once or copy information between them. Update product gallery images and featured images directly from the media library via the spreadsheet interface.

Order Management, Coupons, Users...

Access all orders from a single screen, update order statuses, add new custom orders, and perform bulk edits as needed. Manage coupons, extend store credits, modify discounts, and view customer details, including lifetime value and purchase history.

Delete, Duplicate

Effortlessly bulk delete products, orders, coupons, pages, and other post types, either permanently or by moving them to the trash. Utilize the Duplicate feature to create copies of selected or all records simultaneously.

Undo Bulk Edits and Inline Edits

Easily revert mistakes or changes at any time, such as bulk reverting product prices after the end of a sale period or correcting stock quantity discrepancies.

Export CSV

Export selected data, all store data, or data based on date, search, and column filters to CSV format. Enjoy unlimited exports, allowing users to access data anytime for all post types.

Admin Columns and Custom Views

Customize the display of data columns within the grid to manage desired information efficiently. Sort data in ascending or descending order and set up customized dashboards (Custom Views/Column Sets) to consistently view, edit, and manage specific data columns.