Coderely Advice:
1- After the download, move "phantomJs" folder to C:\ folder (example)
2- Open Mass Site Visitor 2.4.1 folder and Mass Site Visitor.exe file.
3- Select phantomJs option on Browser radio buttons.
4- Enter C:\phantomJs\bin\phantomjs.exe value to Browser Path field.

Some Tips:
1- Go to User Scripts (Autoclicker) Tab and check the Enable Checking and check the Enable Scroll

Mass Site Visitor Nulled (MSV) is designed to generate significant traffic for specific websites by utilizing a list of proxies in a multi-threaded approach, utilizing your device's computational capabilities. It operates multiple automated browser sessions concurrently on your PC, directing their traffic through proxies to the designated website(s). Mass Site Visitor Nulled Nulled offers customization options for visitor behavior, allowing for simple page visits, automated clicking of random links, scrolling, and even more complex actions such as conditional clicks on specific elements of your web page.